3 Ply UV Hessmask

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3 Ply UV Maske

Our 3 ply masks are supplied in a sterilized manner, packed in a single package without touching by hand, in our UV room. The contact of the mask with the human is inevitable when boxing, regardless of the ultrasonic type of the masks. Our UV chamber and single packaging machine are located in our production facility in order to cut contact with people during packaging and to provide real and complete sterilization. Since sterile and individually packaged masks are difficult to supply, we serve conscious demands with our daily high production capacity.

Hessmask is made of 3 layers of non woven polypropylene based fabric. During production, 3 layers of non woven fabric are combined with lamination method for the stitched mask and a monolithic fabric is obtained. During the production of ultrasonic mask, 3 layers of nonwoven fabric are subjected to ultrasonic sound wave and pressure aid combining process and a monolithic fabric is obtained. Our boxed masks are packed in 50 pieces in a suitable production environment by attaching wire and rubber. Our sterile and individually packaged masks are UV-treated by attaching wire and rubber, are purified from microorganism and packaged individually without touching. Our UV system and single packaging unit are included in our system in order to cut off contact with human beings and to prevent airborne bacteria, dust and germs from being kept in the mask.

To give a summary of our mask test results; - Functions and efficiency of the mask and the raw material are important, not the thickness in the mask. In addition to the importance of the protection function of the mask, the breathability of the mask is important both for the comfort of the user and the necessity of the standard. Breathable feature; The user should be able to easily absorb the necessary oxygen (air) while wearing the mask and discard carbon dioxide (dirty air) while exhaling. You can also see this value in the test result of our product. - Bacterial filtration and breathability: Bacteria and viruses act by attaching to dust particles and water droplets in spray form. For the surgical mask type 1, the bacterial filtration limit should hold a minimum of 95% of bacteria and virus. Our product has reached 96% as a result of bacteria filtration. Therefore, when you want to test the product before use, water testing should be done, not lighter testing. In the relevant standard, there is a water permeability test, not a lighter. The better the result of the water test, the less likely it is to be transmitted by mucus or saliva. - Our product is not an allergen

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