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hess mask 3 katlı maske

HessMask 3 Ply Mask

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is at the top of the measures to be taken against global epidemics. There are 3 ply masks at the very beginning of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Hessmask 3 ply masks stand out with their harmonious use and comfortable breathing features.

Hessmask 3 ply masks, produced with the assurance of Hessglobals, do not contain allergens and do not feather.

Hessmask 3 ply masks are odorless. They are produced hygienically from non-woven fabric.

Disinfection of Our Facility

As the HessMask family, in these days when cleaning is at the forefront, we take care to keep our facilities constantly sterile for our employees and your health. Our facility is constantly disinfected under the supervision of the Ministry of Health. We continue to work for your health. Turkey continued to remain at home.

We are an UTS registered company of the Ministry of Health.

hess mask 3 katlı maske

Covid19 Information

hess mask 3 katlı maske

About Covid19

The most common mask we see in the streets, markets, and public transport is the “surgical mask” we have produced. Coronavirus is in the class called "airborne". It does not float on its own. Not alone in the air. It spreads into the environment during saliva, speech, sneezing and coughing. So it has a carrier, and with this droplet it travels on, its size increases to 5 microns. It does not pass through this size infectious mask and is filtered. If the surgical mask is worn by the "patient or carrier", it is also effective in preventing the person from infecting the environment.

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* In high quantity orders, the size of the mask body, the tire type (round and flat), and the tire size can be customized upon request. For detailed information, you can fill out the contact form or you can reach us from our contact information.

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